Does your job entail a lot of writing? Do you panic when confronted with a writing assignment? Does preparing a business report or a business proposal send shivers up and down your spine? Are you unsure of what words to use? If so, then this workshop on effective business writing is for you. Peppered with exercises and easy-to- grasp, practical tips for better business writing, this workshop is designed for Executives like you who regularly compose their own correspondence.

You’ll benefit from on-the- spot mentoring and participating in discussions that identify and address your own particular writing challenges.

In a fast-paced workplace driven by deadlines and immediate correspondences to customers, it is important to execute well-written communication materials that convey a powerful message, and in turn, assist you in retaining long-term businesses.

The right words, style, and approach in business writing is critical to getting your message across accurately, briefly, and clearly. Monette Iturralde-Hamlin’s seminar, “Communicating with Impact: Effective Business Writing,” is strategically designed for corporate executives and decision makers to overcome the challenges of developing key documents for business transactions and correspondences. This will be achieved through workshops, on-the- spot mentoring, and interactive discussions to equip you with the principles, techniques, and practical applications of effective business writing.

Who can attend the workshop?

Professionals of all levels may participate in this workshop.

Benefits of attending the training

Find out the tips and tricks to achieving effective communication materials. Participants would learn more about:

  • Understanding the basic steps to effective writing
  • Organizing your message with the right words
  • Formatting ideas to develop concise messages
  • Sharpening your grammar and spelling skills to edit for different purposes such as for content/layout, grammar, and style
  • Writing key documents such as business letters
  • Reviewing different kinds of business letters
  • Responding to complaints to generate positive results

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