People are expected to organize their lives in a way that will support the needs of the organization, the people they work with and the customers they serve while ensuring that administrative work is also completed at the right time. This is the age of performance focus and results orientation, thus making it very critical for everyone to have the ability to balance all aspects of work. In addition, it is also the age of technology where communication is also expected to be very fast while ensuring that leg work is also completed quickly and with high quality. These expectations make people say: I am so stressed! Where did the time go?

This Time and Stress Management program opens up the minds of the people to techniques and tools that can be used easily today, to help individuals complete their tasks within the scheduled time and avoid stress.

Who can attend the workshop?

The training is open to everyone who wants to beat work overload – a key source of stress.

Benefits of attending the training

At the end of the training, participants are expected to:

  • Learn the importance and the value of time in relation to culture and the benefits of managing it well
  • Eliminate time-wasting practices
  • Manage time efficiently and lessen work-related stress
  • Understand stress indicators and avoid stress-prone situations
  • Know the best practices in managing stress
  • Optimize time through prioritization and identification techniques
  • Develop ways to minimize urgent and critical tasks

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